Public Works

Eskasoni Public Works Department is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of Eskasoni’s infrastructure, this includes:

Eskasoni Fire Department
The Eskasoni Fire Department consists of 4 career firefighters and 20 volunteer firefighters. The Fire Station operates 24 hours a day. Emergency Fire Services are dispatched through 911.

Water Utility
Water utility employees are responsible for ensuring water distribution. Employees perform Chlorine Residual testing on our water daily and send samples to the province weekly to ensure our water is safe to drink.

Our Sewage department is responsible for maintaining our Sewage treatment system, which includes our Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant and 32 lift stations located throughout the community.

Solid Waste
The Solid Waste Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for providing garbage and bluebag collection to residents of Eskasoni. Weekly garbage collection and bi-weekly bluebag collection is provided to Eskasoni residents.

Snow Removal
Our department is responsible for the removal of snow from Eskasoni’s roads, sidewalks and driveways of Elders and the disabled during the winter months.

Department Coordinator

Fred Sylliboy

Fred Sylliboy

Tel: (902) 379-2800
Fax: (902) 379-2172
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