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Eskasoni Band is a Section 10 Band, which means Eskasoni Band has control over membership.  Eskasoni Indian Registry reports all new births, new registration number request, marriages, divorces, deaths, band transfers (upon approval of the Eskasoni Chief & Council), amendments, and Certificate of Indian Status Cards.

The Implementation of new Certificate of Indian Status Cards will be in 2009.  The new Cards will be done here at our office, and sent for printing to the Department of Indian Affairs until we have our own local printers.  The card implementation was to be in 2008 but due to AFN, DIAND and Canadian and USA Boarder officials, they are sending the new card to Risk Assessment to be complete by September 2008, after that date we will know the exact date of when the new card will be out.  They are ongoing Border Summit Meetings on behalf of First Nations whether or not the Certrificate of Status Card will be used for crossing the border Land & Sea.  We will post updates when we recieve the results of their negotiations with the border patrol, AFN and the Department of Indian Affairs. 

We also forward headquarters events to Ottawa ex: adoptions, assumption of death, annulment, etc.

We have provided liks where you may require forms for birth certificates, gas tax fuels, SSA.

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