Tui'kn Case Residential School Survivor Team

Daphne Hutt-MacLeod
Director Eskasoni Mental Health & Coordinator Tui’kn Case Management/Mental Wellness Teams

Hours of Operation 8:30-4:00 (Closed 12:00-1:00)

Service Overview
Eskasoni Mental Health and the Tui’kn Partnership Case Management/ Mental Wellness/ Residential School Survivor Teams provides a wide range of services to the Mi’kmaq people of Eskasoni, and to the five Unama’ki (Cape Breton) First Nations communities, namely, Eskasoni, Potlotek, Waycobah, Wagmatcook and Membertou.

The Eskasoni Crisis and Referal Centre services are provided to all thirteen Nova Scotian First Nation communities. EMH is a not-for-profit organization established in 1991. Over the years the organization has continued to evolve and grow with help of the community and a variety of funding sources. We have grown from a staff of one, to a staff of twenty-three offering a range of programs. EMH is a safe, confidential, place where community members can come to address the wide variety of issues confronting them.

Governance Structure
EMH staff are employees of The Eskasoni Band Council and are accountable to Chief and Council. EMH & SWS comes immediately under the Eskasoni Health Director. We are currently funded through a variety of multi-governmental contribution agreements.

Agency Goals and Objectives
• Provide a continuity of service
• Improve the community’s capacity to mobilize and respond to crises and community mental health needs
• Maintain community-based, family oriented programs based on prevention, intervention, treatment, evaluation and follow-up care;
• Provide relevant services – to “bridge the gap” between families and agencies outside the community
• Design programs that are holistic in scope and nature
• Design programs that are culturally sensitive
• Network with other agencies and services within the community to ensure a multidisciplinary approach to treatment and prevention
• Develop long term strategies which enable individuals and families to make healthy life choices
• Identify individuals at risk
• Mobilize available resources to assist those at risk
• Evaluate our Agency by means of worker evaluations, statistical recording, analysis of data and community feedback
• Promote a balanced lifestyle conducive to a playful spirit
• Expand and enhance services currently provided by our agency, with a particular emphasis on youth
• Provide clinical counselling services to the community

Agency Services
On April 1, 2010 Eskasoni Health Board joined all mental health services under one department, rather than the three organizations that previously existed.
Eskasoni Mental Health now consists of one department that includes the following services and programs:
• Groups
• Liaison
• Outreach
• Crisis line Intervention
• Crisis Counselling
• Community Access Line (Program is In development)
• Suicide Intervention/Prevention
• Client Navigation
• Case Management
• Mental Wellness Teams
• Master/Baccalaureate Student Practicum placements ( Psychology & Social Work)
• Residential School Support
• Youth Resource Centre
• Special Projects

Counselling/Support Services for Individuals, Couples, Groups and Families:
• Grief
• Crisis Counselling & Intervention
• Sexual Abuse/Assault
• Suicide Intervention/Prevention
• Family Break-up
• Trauma
• Residential School Issues
• Depression
• Family Violence
• Addictions
• Clinical Therapy/Counselling
• Clinical support services Stress management (Group & Individual)
• Anger management (Group & Individual)
• Consultation
• Advocacy
• Home-based Behaviour management Family and Children’s program
• Parenting skills/programs (Group and Individual)

Special Projects/Programs
• NYPD-E ( Eskasoni based)
• Case Management (Unama’ki based)
• National Mental Wellness Teams Demonstration Project (Unama’ki based)
• Residential School Survivor’s Team (Unama’ki based)
• Crisis & Referral Centre
• Youth Resource Centre

Department Coordinator

Bernice Doucette / Marr

Bernice Doucette / Marr

Tel: (902) 379-2910
Fax: (902) 379-2905

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