Social Assistance/Welfare

The Social Development Program is primarily for the assistance of Eskasoni band members living in Eskasoni who, for whatever reason, are unable through their own or other resources to provide themselves and their families basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and other items essential to maintaining a basic standard of living.

Assistance can be provided for any of the following:
• Basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, utilities and personal essentials
• Essential household items (fridge, stove, beds etc) and repairs to these
• Transportation
• Household Supplies
• Babysitting
• Comfort allowance for band members in homes or institutions for special care
• Basic Supplementary diets
• Maternity allowance
• Layette
• Funeral and burial expenses

Assistance is available to band members who want to move off reserve. Assistance is available until they are eligible for Provincial Social Assistance, which is one month. This assistance may include one month’s rent and damage deposit. They must apply for Provincial Social Assistance within a month.

The Social Development program does not have the authority to issue assistance to any band member living outside of Eskasoni or to continue providing assistance to recipients who move off the reserve.

Department Coordinator

Dale Sylliboy

Dale Sylliboy

Tel: (902) 379-2826
Fax: (902) 379-2212

Applications and Forms

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