Roselita Retires

July 27, 2011

Roselita Retires

Wela’liek Roselita – From Everyone in Eskasoni


For over 40 year, one of Eskasoni’s original registered nurse (RN), Roselita Herney decided it was time to start a new career and focus her career more on rest and relaxation.

The staff of the Eskasoni Health Center held a special retirement party for Roselita Herney on July 18, 2011 at the Eskasoni Fisheries Boardroom. Family, friends and staff of Eskasoni Health Center were on hand to congratulate Roselita and just to say thank you for helping the community of Eskasoni for so many years.

Roselita was born in Waygobah and one of nine (9) children of Simon and Mary Sylliboy.  The family moved to Eskasoni and grew up in extended family of Grand Chief Gabriel Sylliboy. The influence of living with the Grand Chief encouraged her in her future years to help people and choose nursing as a career.

She graduated from St. Joseph High School in Mabou where she enrolled in the Nursing school at St. Rita Hospital in Sydney and graduated in 1970.

After receiving her RN she worked at the Union of NS Indians as Health Liaison Officer. She enjoys working for her people and always had her interest in working with them. She has worked as a nurse in hospital, medical services and is currently working in Eskasoni as community Health Nurse since 1992.

In the past she has volunteered as nurse in Eskasoni. When she finished her nursing, there was limited health emergency care, such as ambulances available. She has also worked with the police of Eskasoni when the program started especially in emergencies, which were interesting and unforgettable. 

She is a proud Mi’kmaq woman and wants to encourage others to be proud of their heritage, culture and language. She has two sons and four grandchildren.

If given the time, the stories and the changes Roselita has seen in Eskasoni would probably fill a novel. She has seen drastic changes in Eskasoni’s health care system and she say most have been all positive.

Roselita said the health care services has grow and the living conditions in our community have improved drastically, especially in the areas of clean water, sanitation and children’s health.

The Eskasoni Health Board and members of Eskasoni Band Council are pleased to recognize Roselita Herney for her dedication and service to the community of Eskasoni over the past 18 years.

Congratulation Roselita and Thank You. From the community of Eskasoni.