Eskasoni Band Signs MOU with NSCC

February 22, 2012

Eskasoni Band Signs MOU with NSCC


One of Eskasoni Chief and Council’s mandate is to provide economic opportunities and career training for their people. In other words, Eskasoni people want to work.

On February 22, 2012, Eskasoni Chief and Council took a great step in fulfilling those obligations by signing an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) to create those opportunities in training and post-secondary education.

               Chief Leroy Denny said, “This MOU represent opportunity for our young people to be part of the working class. While the rest of Nova Scotia youth are leaving to find work, our young people are staying home and we want to help them and steer them to find jobs.”

               Don Bureaux, President of NSCC, says, “The MOU is very important to us. For the last couple years we have been building strong relations with Eskasoni. We had a number of successful projects and we will only be successful if we work together and capitalize on opportunities for the young and more seasoned individuals who have opportunities for post-secondary education.”

               Bureaux added, “Future is very bright. We want to help train the future work force.”

               The MOU will assist in the expanding and creating post-secondary opportunities of Eskasoni Band Council (EBC) clients. The goal of the MOU is to assist both parties in effectively planning and collaboratively maintaining and pursuing shared and innovative programs for both Parties.

NSCC and EBC will develop a mutual relationship that support and strengthen research and access to post-secondary learning opportunities.

Chief Leroy Denny said, “The MOU is a commitment by both parties that we mean business and want to get things done. Our young people are demanding opportunities for work and I want to fulfill our young people’s vision.

Chief Denny added, “We still have challenges but we have to provide opportunities and guidance and it is time. Time to work and the time is now. I'm excited; ready to work hard and work as a team. Can't wait to see what develops.”