Fish & Wildlife Commission

The Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission was organized and established in early 1990’s to acquire and manage communal fishing licenses for Eskasoni First Nation. EFWC is also devoted to conducting marine research in the Bras d’Or Lakes.

EFWC is compromised of three divisions:

Eskasoni Fish & Wildlife Commission (EFWC), houses Administration, Science, Research, and the Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy.

Administered through EFWC, the Aboriginal Fishery Strategy (AFS) employs three First Nation Guardians. These Guardians are involved with: Annual negotiations of Eskasoni First Nations AFS agreement; Communicating with the public through public education presentations, newsletters and informal information sessions; Explaining the AFS program and the conditions of fishing under the agreement; Management of the fishery by distributing tags, involvement in fisheries management research projects, etc; habitat enhancement, including stream restoration, and broodstock enhancement. Other Science related projects such as monitoring the temperature and salinity, monitoring runoff onto spawning grounds and habitat, etc.

Department Coordinator

Thomas J Johnson

Thomas J Johnson

Tel: (902) 379-2024
Fax: (902) 379-2159
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