Economic Development

Summary - Assists the community economic development process in areas such as business development, resource management and other related economic activities that help to generate employment, wealth and a capital base towards the achievement of community economic self reliance through the performance of the following duties:

Assists the Ec Dev Band Projects and/or Band Members by:

  • participating in strategic economic programming offered through government or private industry that offers recognizable benefits
  • investigating the feasibility of economic development iniatives the may wish to pursue
  • for selected projects, assists in developing feasibility studies and business plans or helps to secure professional services for the same
  • performing in a liaison role with the community, various government departments, agencies and/or other related parties
  • assisting with the generation of written proposals to various funding bodies

Current Projects

  • Eskasoni Supermarket
  • Eskasoni Commercial Mall Development
  • Eskasoni Comprehensive Community Plan
  • Eskasoni Wind Energy
  • Open for Business
  • Junior Achievement
  • Entrepreneurship Summer Camps
  • Youth Summit
  • Individual Clients
  • Unamaki benefits office

Department Coordinator

Tracy Menge

Tracy Menge

Tel: (902) 379-2422
Fax: (902) 379-2172
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Applications and Forms

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